Language Services Testimonials:

"My confidence in speaking Japanese has greatly improved. As I learn not only the language, but also the cultural aspects of Japanese conversation. Thanks to the patience and guidance of my instructor at Worldwide Frontier."

           -Kierstin G.



*Worldwide Frontier`s business lesson gave me the chance to practice business writing and conversation; and it improved my communication skill a lot!"


"Frontier's Instructors are great because they helped me to learn and motivated me.  They really helped me to achieve my personal goals!"

                      -Yuki K.

"Frontier helped me to improve my business English and I was able to communicate at my business meetings!"


"I gained a lot of confidence from taking lessons with Worldwide Frontier.  Thank you so much!"


"Worldwide Frontier's business lesson helps me learn how to solve realistic business problem in English.  At the same time, I learn a lot practical English grammar and phrase."


"Worldwide Frontier's Instructors are friendly and help me with English.  Thank you!"

                      -Emi K.

"I enjoy Worldwide Frontier's English lesson very much.  It helps me when I go to foreign country"


Website Service Testimonials:

The staff at Worldwide Frontier LLC goes above and beyond of what you would expect from a website design team. They provide exceptional customer service, with prompt and professional response.

Exceptional quality team. Professional, fast, energetic, goal oriented.

Staff have been nothing but respectful, patient and professional while building the website. On-going support provided with the same exceptional quality, after the product was delivered. Responsive to feedback, maintaining a good balance between offering input and taking into consideration our agency needs.

The president goes above and beyond his professional duties in meeting the needs of our agency. He not only matches our needs with our interests in creating the website we really want, but he takes the time to explain and train our staff in maintaining the site on a long term.

A technical team with a humanistic approach. Finally a team that is not trying to get as much money as possible from you. These guys really care about delivering a good product no matter the cost.

Thank you! Our organization would not have gained the reputation it has today, if it wasn’t for you! You offer professional, quality services for a reasonable price.

-IKRON 8/1/2013

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